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You never see TV actors celebrated in the memorial segment on the Oscars, or movie folks during the Emmy awards tribute. In that way, this list is also exclusive - these are the people who passed away in 2010 who made an impact on the TV Universe in some way. So there will be omissions of some people you might be looking for. And I may have missed quite a few, especially from outside the United States, I apologize to the memories of those I've left out.

I couldn't have done this alone; it would never have been possible had it not been for the information I would glean from my blogmates Bill Crider and Ivan G. Schreve and from the Boot Hill blog, which was instrumental in adding many of the foreign entries.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you'll kindly doff your caps.....

Jean Carroll (pioneer stand-up comedienne, 'The Jean Carroll Show' aka "Take It From Me')

Donal Donnelly, ('Law & Order')

Jean Simmons ('The Thorn Birds')

James Mitchell ('All My Children')

Pernell Roberts ('Bonanza', 'Trapper John MD')

Johnny Seven ('Ironside', 'Amy Prentiss')

Zelda Rubenstein ('Picket Fences')

Justin Mentell ('Boston Legal')

Frances Reid ('Days Of Our Lives')

Ian Carmichael ('Bertie and Wooster', 'Lord Peter Wimsey')

Martin Benson ('Sword of Freedom', 'Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy')

Robert F. "Bobby" Hoy ('High Chaparral', 'Our House', 'Bonanza', top Western stunt man)

Kathryn Grayson (several 'Murder She Wrote' eps as Ideal Molloy)

Lionel Jeffries ('Woof!" as Granddad)

Betty Lou Keim ('My Son Jeep', 'The Deputy', married to Warren Berlinger)

Caroline McWilliams ('Benson', 'Soap')

Andrew Koenig ('Growing Pains', son of Walter Koenig)

Nan Martin ('The Drew Carey Show')

Bernard Kates ('Guiding Light')

Corey Haim ('Edison Twins', 'Roomies', 'The Two Coreys')

Peter Graves ('Mission: Impossible', 'Fury', 'Biography')

Fess Parker ('Davy Crockett', 'Daniel Boone')

Robert Culp ('I Spy', 'Greatest American Hero', 'Trackdown', 'Outer Limits' (Demon with a Glass Hand), 'Columbo')

June Havoc aka Baby June of "Gypsy" ('Willy', 'The June Havoc Show')

John Forsythe ('Bachelor Father', 'Charlie's Angels', 'Dynasty')

John Davis Chandler ('High Chapparal')

Eddie Carroll (voice of Jiminy Cricket since 1973)

Corin Redgrave (brother to Vanessa and Lynn)

Shirley Mills ('Ford Star Jubilee', 'My Little Margie')

Christopher Cazenove ('Dynasty', 'The Duchess of Duke Street', 'A Fine Romance')

Peter Haskell ('Bracken's World')

James Aubrey ('Bouquet of Barbed Wire', 'Another Bouquet')

Bill Mullikin ('The Andy Griffith Show', 'Twilight Zone', 'Mod Squad', 'Gomer Pyle', 'Lassie', 'Little House', 'Brady Bunch')

Dorothy Provine ('The Roaring 20s')

Michael Adams ('Highway To Heaven', 'Magnum P.I.', stuntman and coordinator)

Shay Duffin ('The City', Brendan Behan impersonator)

Helen Wagner ('As The World Turns', Guinness world record holder for longevity as one character)

Lynn Redgrave ('Centennial', 'House Calls', 'Chicken Soup', 'Rude Awakening')

Peter Schmidt ('Der kleine Doctor', 'Cafe Wemicke')

Antonio Ozores (Spanish TV actor, comedian)

Earl Robie (child actor in 'Lassie', 'Letters To Loretta', 'Death Valley Days')

Jean Constantin (Romanian actor, starred in 70's police procedural 'B.D.')

Gary Coleman ('Diff'rent Strokes')

Cynthia Songe (voice actor on 'The Tick', was in 'Bionic Woman')

Dennis Hopper (Hollywood rebel, 'E-Ring', '24', 'Crash')

Eugenia Paul ('Zorro')

Eddie Garrett ('Quincy, ME', 'The Odd Couple')

Rue McClanahan ('Maude', 'The Golden Girls')

Richard Dunn ('Tim and Eric Awesome Show')

Larry French (small TV roles, mostly theater)

Eddie Barth ('Simon & Simon', 'Shaft', Miller Lite voiceovers)

Steve Drexel (small roles in TV action shows, horror movies)

Carole Ann Campbell ('The Hardy Boys' - 1950's)

Ginette Garcin (French series 'Family Home')

Bekim Fehmiu ('L'odissea')

Elzbieta Czyzewska ('Sex And The City', 'Third Watch', 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent', 'Damages'. Shunned by her homeland of Poland for marrying David Halberstam.)

Walt LaRue (Western stuntman - 'Bat Masterson', 'Cimarron Strip', 'High Chapparal')

Ursula Thiess Taylor (widow of Robert Taylor, '77 Sunset Strip', 'The Detectives')

Tracy Wright ('The Kids In The Hall')

Vince O'Brien (The Shell Answer Man, 'Studio One', 'Law & Order', 'Dark Shadows')

Aldo Giuffre (Italian actor)

John Louis Mansi (' 'Allo! 'Allo!')

Corey Allen (actor and director, many Westerns, last from "Rebel Without A Cause")

Park Yong-ha (South Korean actor, 'Winter Sonata', hanged himself)

Geoffrey Hutchings ('Benidorm', 'Grandma's House', 'Our Friends In The North', 'EastEnders')

Jack Wells ('The Jack Wells Show', soap operas, "Brian's Song")

Ronald Gans (primarily a voice actor: 'Welcome To Pooh's Corner', 'The Transformers')

Robert "Bobby" Spillane ('Law & Order', 'Rescue Me', son of a mobster)

Frank Giering (German actor)

Peter Fernandez (voice of original 'Speed Racer')

Vonetta McGee ('Helltown', 'Bustin' Loose', 'L.A. Law', & 'Cagney & Lacey')

Gilly Coman ('Bread', 'Emmerdale Farm')

James Gammon ('Nash Bridges')

Larry Keith ('All My Children')

Carl Gordon ('Roc')

Maury Chaykin ('Nero Wolfe')

Veronique Silver (French actress, 'Fortune')

Lorene Yarnell (half of Shields & Yarnell, 'The Mac Davis Show', 'Sonny & Cher Show', "The Wild Wild West Revisited")

Dan Resin (Ty-D-Bowl Man)

Patricia Neal ('Murder, She Wrote', 'The Bastard')

Abbey Lincoln ('All in the Family', 'Mission: Impossible', 'Marcus Welby, MD')

Paul Rudd (the first one) 'Beacon Hill, 'Moonlighting', 'Hart To Hart')

Gloria Winters-Vernon ('Sky King')

Ahna Capri (actress, many TV roles)

Tiberio Murgia (Italian actor)

Rina Franchetti (Italian actress)

Kenny Endoso (stuntman)

George DiCenzo ('Equal Justice', 'Joe's Life')

Charlie Davao (Phillipine character actor on TV)

Larry Yachimec (Canadian actor)

Mick Lally (Irish soap 'Glenroe')

Glenn Shadix ("Beetlejuice", 'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys')

Sheldon Feldner ('Good Grief')

Gary Moody ('Walker, Texas Ranger')

Ron Gans ('Lost In Space', 'Wyatt Earp')

Kevin McCarthy ('Dream On', 'Between Time and Timbuktu', 'Twilight Zone')

Harold Gould ('Rhoda', 'Feather And Father Gang')

Billie Mae Richards (voice of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer")

Mickey Freeman ('Bilko')

Gloria Stuart (Oscar-nominated for "Titanic", TV guest spots and movies from 1978 onwards)

Jackie Burroughs ('The Road To Avonlea')

Tony Curtis ('The Persuaders', 'Vega$', 'McCoy', Stony Curtis of 'The Flintstones')

Joe Mantell ('December Bride', "Marty")

Sir Norman Wisdom ('Wit And Wisdom', 'Last Of The Summer Wine')

Van Snowden (puppeteer, 'HR Pufnstuf')

Mark Gordon (Chuckles the Clown #2, 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show')

Anabel Shaw ('26 Men')

Vincenzo Crocitti (Italian actor, 'Un Medico in Famiglia')

Romina Yan (Argentine actress, 'Chiquititas')

Jean Lara (French actor)

Bunny Summers ('Seinfeld', 'Saved By The Bell', recurring on 'Family Ties')

Simon MacCorkindale ('Manimal', 'Falcon Crest')

Chao-Li Chi ('Falcon Crest')

Janet MacLachlan ('Archie Bunker's Place')

Tom Bosley ('Happy Days', 'Father Dowling Mysteries')

Graham Crowden ('Waiting For God')

Corinne Comacho/Michaels ('Rockford Files' 'Bionic Woman')

James MacArthur ('Hawaii Five-O')

John Crawford ('The Waltons', 'Dynasty')

James Wall (Mr. Baxter on 'Captain Kangaroo')

Denise Borino-Quinn (Ginny Sacrimoni on 'The Sopranos')

Robert Ellenstein (MANY TV roles, Federation President in "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home")

Jill Clayburgh ('Dirty Sexy Money')

Hamley the Giraffe ('Wild At Heart')

Michael Galloway (American actor in Australia)

Ingrid Pitt ('Doctor Who', "Where Eagles Dare")

Frank Jarvis (English actor)

Christopher Shea (Linus in "Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown")

Antony Alda (Alan's brother seen in 'Columbo' and M*A*S*H')

Leslie Nielsen ('Police Squad')

Claudio Obregon (Mexican telenovelas)

Roberto Risso (Italian soap operas)

Addison Powell ('Dark Shadows')

Palle Hulde (inspiration for Tintin)

Gus Mercurio (American actor in Australia, 'Tandarra' & others)

Alexander Kerst (German TV actor)

Virgilio Texeira (Portugese TV actor)

Renato Terra (Italian actor, 'Jesus of Nazareth')

Antonio Gómez de Vicente (Spanish voice actor, dubbed for Sulu in 'Star Trek')

Neva Patterson, ('Nichols', 'V')

Marcia Lewis ('Who's Watching The Kids', 'The Goodtime Girls')

Steve Landesberg ('Barney Miller', 'Paul Sand in Friends And Lovers')

Gunter Grabbert (German voice actor)

James Tartan ('Guns Of Paradise')

Dary Reis (Brazilian telenovelas)

Bill Erwin ('Seinfeld' Emmy-nominee, 'ST:TNG')

A lot of big names in that list, but all of them helped populate the planet Earth Prime-Time.....

As Red Skelton would say, Good night and may God bless.


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Leslie Nielsen ('Police Squad')

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