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You never see TV actors celebrated in the memorial segment on the Oscars, or movie folks during the Emmy awards tribute. In that way, this list is also exclusive - these are the people who passed away in 2010 who made an impact on the TV Universe in some way. So there will be omissions of some people you might be looking for. And I may have missed quite a few, especially from outside the United States, I apologize to the memories of those I've left out.

I couldn't have done this alone; it would never have been possible had it not been for the information I would glean from my blogmates Bill Crider and Ivan G. Schreve and from the Boot Hill blog, which was instrumental in adding many of the foreign entries.

Because there are so many, I'll be splitting the list into several Inner Toob entries for today.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you'll kindly doff your caps.....

Roger Newman (actor in 'Guiding Light', writer of 'Guiding Light', 'One Life To Live', 'Another World', 'Passions')

Merlin Olsen (actor: 'Little House On The Prairie', 'Father Murphy', NBC football commentator)

Corey Allen (Actor in many Westerns, last of the Rebel Without A Cause cast, Director - Emmy Award for 'Hill Street Blues', ACE for 'The Paper Chase', 'Mannix', 'ST:TNG', "The Anne Jillian Story")

Cecile Aubrey (actress, children's book writer - created Belle And Sebastian)

Suzanne Grossman (actress: "Diary Of Anne Frank", writer "Ryan's Hope")

Greg Giraldo (actor-comedian, 'Z Rock', Comedy Central Roasts)

Stephen J. Cannell (writer, producer, actor)

Marilyn Baker (actress: 'Colgate Comedy Hour', writer: 'Love, Sidney', Eddie Cantor's daughter)

Stuart Hample (actor: 'Captain Kangaroo', writer: 'Kate & Allie', comic strip artist and playwright)

Oscar Avogadro (Spanish actor, writer, lyricist)

Lisa Blount ("Officer And A Gentleman", tv appearances, producer)

Arthur Bernard Lewis (writer, producer on 'Dallas')

Norris Church Mailer (writer, actress, widow of Norman Mailer)

Jack LeMaire (actor, jazz musician, stand-up comic)

Joyce Howard (British movie actress, Paramount chief executive story editor)

Dandy Don Meredith ('Monday Night Football', actor)

John Ferraro (actor-director - "Higgins Boys and Gruber", "Shining Time Station", "Sesame Street", 'Smart Guy')

Robert Turturice (costume designer for 'Moonlighting', 'PeeWee's Playhouse'. Died Dec. 15, 2009, but not announced until Feb. 18, 2010)

Joseph Wilcots, ('Roots' cinematographer)

Art Clokey (creator of 'Gumby' and 'Davy & Goliath')

Dale Rickards (horse wrangler for TV shows, left LAPD to work on 'Little House On The Prairie')

Guy Day (Chiat/Day - superbowl advertising visionary)

Bob Rado (Former CBS audience tester)

Margaret Dale (Dance Director for the BBC)

Frank Magid (creator of the 'Action News' concept)

Jake Hanna (drummer for 'Merv Griffin Show')

Richard Cole (fan of 'Survivorman', died of hypothermia out in the woods.)

Andrew Jaffe (Adweek & Clio Awards)

Chet Simmons (NBC executive who founded ESPN)

Dorothy Kemps (KCET director of volunteers)

Michael S. Rosenfeld (founder of CAA)

Tom Ray, Animator ('Tom & Jerry', 'Bugs Bunny', 'Road Runner', 'Pink Panther', 'Fat Albert', 'Hong Kong Phooey', 'Super Friends', 'A Boy Named Charlie Brown', 'Transformers', 'G.I. Joe', 'Jem', 'Dungeons & Dragons', 'Garfield', 'Tiny Toons', 'Animaniacs')

Ron Scalera, (CBS Marketing Executive, designed promotional campaigns)

Robert Gary, (script supervisor, 'Perry Mason', 'The Outer Limits', 'Lassie', 'Star Trek' (including its spin-offs), 'The Waltons', 'Dynasty', 'Fame' and 'ER')

Rosa Rio (organist for 'Today' and soap operas was 107)

Michael H. Jordan (CBS executive who engineered the network's takeover by Westinghouse)

Robert Wussler (CBS executive)

Professor Frank Ballard of UConn - puppetry maestro

Joe Messerli (comics illustrator, created "More To Come" promos for 'Tonight Show' and the 'Twilight Zone' logo)

Sheila Amos (editor - 'Cheers', 'Mad About You')

John Aylesworth (creator of 'Hee Haw')

Edward O. Denault (CBS head of production - 'Gunsmoke', 'Yancy Derringer')

John W. Kluge (founder of Metromedia)

Varnette P. Honeywood (artist whose work hung in the living room of Huxtables on 'Cosby Show')

James Bacon (AP & LA Herald-Examiner showbiz columnist)

Roderick Mann (LA Times showbiz columnist)

Gerald S. Lesser ('Sesame Street' consultant)

Beatrice Sinclair (her husband was the inspiration for Basil Fawlty of 'Fawlty Towers')

Robert Trachinger (slow motion sports replay technology)

Grace Bradley (Hopalong Cassidy's widow, kept his memory alive)

Alex Anderson (animator, created the images of Rocky & Bulwinkle and Dudley Do-Right)

Noel Taylor (Emmy-winning costume designer for "Actor- the Paul Muni Story", nominated 4 times)

Ronne Chasen (publicist)

Carroll Pratt (Emmy-winning sound engineer, worked with inventor of laugh tracks)

Al Masini (created 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous', 'Star Search', 'Solid Gold', and 'Entertainment Tonight')

Fred Foy (announcer for 'The Lone Ranger')

Art Gilmore (verteran announcer)

Lee Winkler (business agent)

and on a personal note,
Norman "Skippy" Smith (one of Connecticut's first ten licensed TV repairmen... and my uncle and godfather)

As Red Skelton would say, Good night and may God bless.



Maggie Cooke said...

Maybe I missed it, you are so thorough... but Bobby Thompson (the Shot Heard Round the World '51 NL Championship Walk off Home Run)

Toby O'B said...

Your eyes weren't deceiving you, Mags. He wasn't included because he really didn't play a big role in Toobworld - the alternate universe of Television - because of that. And I don't think a bow from the audience at the Ed Sullivan Show was enough either.