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You never see TV actors celebrated in the memorial segment on the Oscars, or movie folks during the Emmy awards tribute. In that way, this list is also exclusive - these are the people who passed away in 2010 who made an impact on the TV Universe in some way. So there will be omissions of some people you might be looking for. And I may have missed quite a few, especially from outside the United States, I apologize to the memories of those I've left out.

I couldn't have done this alone; it would never have been possible had it not been for the information I would glean from my blogmates Bill Crider and Ivan G. Schreve and from the Boot Hill blog, which was instrumental in adding many of the foreign entries.

Because there are so many, I'll be splitting the list into several Inner Toob entries for today.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you'll kindly doff your caps.....

Frances Buss Buch (first woman TV director, 'Mike and Buff' and 'Premiere' - first CBS color program)

Pennant Roberts ('Doctor Who')

Clive Donner (director: 'Danger Man', 'Sir Francis Drake', 'Oliver Twist', "A Christmas Carol", "Rogue Male")

Ary Fernandez (Brazilian TV)

Arthur Penn ('Playhouse 90', 'Gulf Playhouse', Kennedy advisor for the debates)

Arthur Holch (Emmy-winning maker of documentaries)

Marshall Flaum (documentary maker, 'Undersea World of Jacques Costeau')

Roy Ward Baker ('The Saint' - both versions)

Lamont Johnson ("That Certain Summer", "My Sweet Charlie")

George Hickenlooper (Emmy Winning documentary director - "Hearts Of Darkness: a Filmmaker's Apocalypse")

Irvin Kershner ("Empire Strikes Back")

Blake Edwards ('Peter Gunn', 'Mr. Lucky')

J. Michael Hagopian (Emmy winning director of documentary on Armenian genocide)

Bud Greenspan (Olympics documentaries)

Philip Burton (Emmy winning documentarian on African-American equality)

David Gelber ('Police Story', 'Police Woman')

Aaron Ruben ('The Andy Griffith Show')

David Brown (mega-producer)

John McCallum ('Skippy the Bush Kangaroo')

John Tiffin (Morley Safer's producer on '60 Minutes')

Carl Macek ('Robotech')

Gregg Peters ('Star Trek')

Peter Keefe ('Voltron')

David Wolper ('Roots', 'Welcome Back, Kotter', 'Chico & The Man')

Jay Larkin (TV boxing producer)

Ian McDougall (Alliance-Atlantis, Senior VP of Production - 'CSI', 'Joan of Arcadia')

William Self (20th Century Fox executive producer for 'Batman' and 'MASH')

Alan Armer ('The Fugitive')

Patricia Thompson (news event documentary maker)

Aron Abrams ('Everybody Hates Chris')

As Red Skelton would say, Good night and may God bless.


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