Friday, December 10, 2010


Michael Ausiello reported this on Facebook:
VAMP DIARIES is casting a killer new bloodsucker. Character's name is Klaus. Described as in his late 20s to mid 30s (although he's really, like, 1000), he's devastatingly handsome, charming, intelligent, and quick-witted. He's also the only person who can out-Damon Damon. Strong series regular potential. At the very least recurring. Um, Jason Dohring anyone?!

Um... no. I mean, I like Dohring. I thought he was great in 'Veronica Mars' and in 'Moonlight'. I'll go along with him matching almost all of the description for this vampire named Klaus. But there's no way you can claim that he's "devastatingly handsome".

Besides, it's "been there, done that" I would think for Dohring and vampires. Toobworld Central would just have to make the claim that his character from 'Moonlight' is this same guy.
A quick note from fellow Iddiot Brian-El re: the passing of Leslie Nielsen:

"Just realized that Leslie Nielsen, Peter Graves, and Barbara Billingsley all died this year...hmmm..."

In researching the various real-life people from 'Dynasty' that were portrayed in that behind the scenes movie, I discovered that Inner Toob screwed up and ran basically the same "ASOTV" showcase about Joan Collins twice. Once this year and once last year. I hang my head in shame......
While in an IM session with my Little Buddy Sean over in Taiwan, we got to talking about 'Fringe'. And Sean said: "Can not wait for the next ep. - in bed with the wrong Olivia" I realized that he came up with a great lyric for a Country Western song!

Here's a comment I made about a recent episode of 'Human Target'. I was glad to see that somebody agreed with me!

Toby O'B

I thought the ending had a big flaw - Chicago was a "cleaner", and all of them had seen his face. If you were in that bunch, would you really drink from a bottle he supplied, no matter how tempting the booze inside? Otherwise, a fast-moving and always fun hour.....

I'm with Toby O'B in that I would never ever consume or even accept a "gift" from him.
I'm about four days ahead of schedule in my pre-programmed blog posts. Sadly, that's all due to the passing of Leslie Nielsen. Just posting videos for him took only minutes to set up my video weekend.
From an EW interview with Kevin Bacon about his Logitech commercial:

"So I started to talk with the director, this guy
Ringan Ledwidge."

Ringan Ledwidge..... Like "Doonesbury" once said about Newt Gingrich - sounds like a creature from "Dune". Or "Star Wars". Or "The Lord Of The Rings". Or.....


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