Wednesday, December 8, 2010


'Saturday Night Live' introduced a stack-full of new books for the TV Universe - at least in Skitlandia. And they're all by the same man, Harlan Kane.

Here's his bibliography:

The Abacus Conundrum

The Medici Codex

The Perseus Enigma

The Genghis Rubicon

The Godiva Kaleidoscope

The Pokemon Directive

The Vespucci Containment

The Grimmelman Mosaic

The Harlequin Protocol

The Ichabod Formula

The Pinochet Sudoku

The Nostradamus Mechanism

The Marmaduke Betrayal

The Picasso Imbroglio

The Fuddrucker's Ultimatum

Mac For Dummies

I suppose the jumping off point for inspiration in the titles was "The DaVinci Code". But it was a tried and true formula for Robert Ludlum as well, author of "The Bourne Identity". The one time he deviated from that formula, the book didn't do very well - "The Road To Gandolfo".

I could have sworn the name "Harlan Kane" had been used before in a fictional sense; it just has that feel. But a quick Google search shows a college student at Northeastern by that name. I hope he wasn't too stoned when that sketch started. (College kids still get stoned while watching 'Saturday Night Live', don't they? Or am I just projecting my mid-70's sensibilities on this?)



Real Harlan said...

Hiya, real life Harlan Kane here. Just wanted to chime in and say that I was not stoned when this aired and I started getting bizarre Facebook messages about books I may have written, in case you were concerned.

Toby O'B said...

Glad to hear it wasn't a mind-bending experience for you, Harlan! And welcome to Toobworld!

I had a similar experience back when I was 17, wiht a character named Toby O'Brien in an episode of 'Police Story' (played by Taylor Lacher). In both our cases, the name combination isn't that common, so it's a weird feeling. And the age difference may have been the same as with you and DeNiro......

Thanks for checking us out!