Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Is there anybody out there who can tell me if the Friday Club, a pro-Hitler organization in Great Britain at the beginning of World War II (as seen in 'Foyle's War') actually existed?

Along those same lines, is there such a thing as "the Brunswick Gene"? Supposedly the Brunswick Gene can eventually cause death to the person who carries it in their genetic makeup. This was the case in an episode of 'Kingdom' and I'd like to know if it actually exists in the real world.

If both are fictional, that's cool; just two more examples in which Toobworld is not the same as the real world....



Anonymous said...

Probably a standin for Huntington Chorea or Huntington's disease.

Anonymous said...

Can't find any reference to a "Friday Club" specifically in relation to pro-Hitler organisations.

There were, however, plenty of pro-fascist organisations in Britain (notably the British Union of Fascists) as in the rest of Europe, and several notable members of the aristocracy were fans of Hitler (e.g. Unity Mitford). Also worth noting that the British state were responsible at certain points during WWII for turning over Jewish refugees to the Nazi regime, particularly during the Channel Island invasion.

We Brits weren't as clean as we now like to pretend.

Dr. M Freeman said...

I wondered the same thing about the "Brunswick gene," and as a medical researcher am always wary about the dedicated researcher who will cure the disease by sitting at a computer and in front of test tubes and pipettes.
I am unable to find anything called a Brunswick gene, so it looks like another wonderful fiction from our friend Stephen and his colleagues.