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Every so often, TV characters appear - or they're just mentioned - who are never actually named. We never do find out who they really were. Many times this occurs with the deceased. The creators of that particular show never see a reason to give any more background to the character than that they're dead.

And that's just fine with Toobworld Central. It gives us an opportunity to fill in the blanks, and thus come up with hypothetical links between shows that would otherwise never be connected. Plus it gives us the chance to clear out the dead wood - as we did with long unseen TV characters in the TV production of "The Poseidon Adventure" and even in real life tragedies like the WTC collapse and Hurrican Katrina.

In the latest episode of 'Lie To Me', Cal Lightman faced off against a serial killer student at one of the local universities. Martin Walker was a 25 year old grad student who would repeatedly drown his victims and then bring them back to life before finally burying their bodies in the woods. When he was finally arrested, four bodies were found of girls he had murdered. (All of this stemmed from when he was five years old, when he let his older sister drown just so he could get her bike.) Those four young women were never named, and so even though it's a morbid thought process, I saw it as an opportunity to bring closure to some TV characters who would otherwise probably never be seen again in Toobworld.

They would be young women, no more than 30 years of age, and I figure Martin didn't begin his actual killing spree until five years ago at most. (Although one of my candidates was last seen six years ago in Toobworld, I think her unseen TV life continued through undergraduate studies and into grad school.)

Here are the four I'm going to suggest:
Top row: Ashley Nakahino, Hanna Malone (with her father)
Bottom row: Kylie, Lilith Sandstrom

Ashley Nakahino, 'E-Ring'

Ashley would have been 30 in 2010. She was last seen in Toobworld in 2006. As a military employee of the Pentagon, Ms. Nakahino would have reason to be in the Washington, DC, area where 'Lie To Me' takes place. It's possible that Martin Walker employed the same "accidental" coffee spill to make his first approach in meeting her.

Hanna Malone, 'Without A Trace'

She looks young in this picture with her dad, FBI Agent Jack Malone, but Hanna would have been 18 in 2010. As such, she could have been a freshman at that same university which Martin was attending. She was last seen in Toobworld in 2009.

Kylie, 'One Tree Hill'

As far as I could tell in my research, we never learn her last name. I'm not even sure of what type of accent she had, considering the actress was English. For alls I know, she may have been going for that one-name status like Cher or Madonna.

Kylie was an actress and she would have been 22 in 2010. She made a commercial with Nathan for Rainstorm Body Spray and that may have been the reason why she was in the District of Columbia. Perhaps she was going to make another commercial; this time on the university campus where she could have met Martin. She was last seen in February of 2010.

Lilith Sandstrom, 'ReGenesis'

Originally from Toronto, where her father worked at the NorBAC research center, Lilith would have been 21 in 2010 (since she was being played two years younger than the actress, Ellen Page). Smarter than her years, she might have come south to the United States in order to continue her college studies, and may have been a fellow grad student like Martin Walker. She was last seen just before Christmas of 2004 and never returned for the second season of the series. It's not likely we'd ever see her again, even if the show was still in production - I'm sure Ellen Page is far too busy nowadays. So Lilith makes a strong candidate to be one of the murder victims.

Seems a bit crass to just bump off these young ladies like that, but hey, that's life in TV Land. Or the lack thereof.....


This post is going out to my co-worker Margaret, who has just discovered this TV series.....

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