Friday, July 9, 2010


While investigating the escape of HG Wells from ‘Warehouse 13’, Agent Pete Lattimer sang the praises of “The War Of The Worlds. Not the book, but the movie. And not the original movie, but the remake directed by Steven Spielberg.

"Tom Cruise was awesome..." Pete sang out.

This was great news for Toobworld Central, because the original movie version has been absorbed into the TV Universe - due to the TV series being a sequel. Since none of the original characters needed to be "replicated" in Toobworld, we don't have to consider them as separate entities (as we would have done with movies like "M*A*S*H" or "TheAddams Family").

The Spielberg version can be said to be based on the novel (just as Orson Welles' radio play was), whereas the original movie was an actual event that just happened to share many of the same qualities of the book - the shape of the alien spacecraft, the ultimate doom of the aliens, etc. Because it occurred so long after the book was published, the event gained the nickname of 'War Of The Worlds' as an easy reference point with which everyone would be familiar. (In much the same way that "Ground Zero" was appropriated from its original definition, and how all political scandals since Watergate now have "-gate" added as a suffix.)

As to HG Wells actually being a woman..... Fear not, Toob Believers, I'm working on that.....


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