Monday, July 26, 2010


This week's episode was a boon for the expansion of the TV Universe as far as its trivial content goes. Not only did it provide Toobworld with its official portrayal of Philo Farnsworth, "The Father of Television", but it gave us a number of movies starring a fictional actor named Raymond St. James.

Although played by an American actor (albeit trained in London), St. James had a slight Irish accent with some of the characters he played in these fictional films. Therefore, we could make the assumption that he was, in fact, Irish.

Here are the movies he appeared in back in the 1950's on the Toobworld timeline:

"Sword Of The Gladiator" (pictured above; not one of his best, according to Pete)

"Showdown At Laramie" "Operation: Dragon-Wolf"

"Dark Memento" "Dr. Doomsday"

"I Return To Kill"

There films were shown uncut on Classic Movies Unlimited, which adds another TV network to the Toobworld channel lineup. (I think Agent Latimer claimed CMU was commercial-free, but that was proven wrong when we saw it in operation. It was more like a case of AMC reneging on its commercial-free status.)


Anonymous said...

Did everyone notice Dr Doomsday was based on Dr Doom, a Fantastic Four character written by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby - making it a back reference to the last episode.

Anonymous said...

Ralph James was the voice of Dr. Doom. Both "R. James," coincidence?