Thursday, July 29, 2010


Back in 1965, twin brothers by the name of Handley had reached their political zeniths in Toobworld. George C. Handley had become the governor of North Carolina ('The Andy Griffith Show'); while his brother became the mayor of Mockingbird Heights, which was a small town outside of Los Angeles ('The Munsters').
When we met them, Mayor Handley was planning on a bombing campaign in the town's sewers in order to get rid of the monsters reported down there. (Actually the monsters were Herman Munster and his pet dinosaur Spot.) Meanwhile, his brother, Governor Handley traveled to Mayberry to speak at a town celebration, during which Deputy Ferguson and Goober Pyle set off an old cannon. Luckily it blew out the tire on a station wagon carrying a couple of thieves.
Both of the Handley Brothers were played by J. Edward McKinley.


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