Wednesday, May 12, 2010


From the website "Berkeleyside", which is about life in Berkeley, Ca.:

On this week’s episode, character Adam is seen — very briefly — scanning the front page of his local paper with his morning coffee (before he greets his morose teenage daughter, Haddie, who has just broken up with her boyfriend).

And as the site pointed out, the newspaper was the San Francisco Register, which was the same newspaper where Dan Vassey worked as a reporter in 'Journeyman'.

They went on to complain that it should have been a Berkeley newspaper and one that was real at that. But where's the sport in that? At least this way, we have a reason to connect those two shows together.

So we thank them for adding to the Great Link, even if they don't appreciate how great a find it was themselves. (The jacklord knows I would never have found it by myself; I couldn't bring myself to get involved with 'Parenthood'.)


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