Sunday, May 9, 2010


The late Lynn Redgrave won two Golden Globe awards in her career, was nominated for Oscars, Emmys, and Tony Awards, and won several awards for her work in the movie "Gods And Monsters".

But it's for one role I'll always remember her for - that of Charlotte Buckland Seccombe Lloyd in the epic mini-series 'Centennial', based on the book by James A. Michener. It's a great book and the show really did it justice, in my opinion.

So in tribute to the late actress, I'd like to present a pictorial history of Charlotte - from her arrival as a young woman in Zendt's Farm, Colorado in the 1870's (I think), to the last we see of her as an Eleanor Roosevelt/Ethel Barrymore-like dowager in the mid 1930's.......

Young Charlotte Buckland arrives in Zendt's Farm, Colorado,
and is greeted at the train by ranch manager Oliver Seccombe.

Charlotte is given a tour of the Venneford Ranch
and gets an idea of its vast expanse.

The night that Charlotte became a woman,
when she offered herself to Seccombe.....

On her wedding day to Oliver Seccombe.......

As the new mistress of the Venneford......

Charlotte tries to reassure her husband
that everything will be all right.

Charlotte goes out riding........

Trapped inside the Venneford "castle" during the great blizzard.....

Charlotte senses that something is wrong with her husband Oliver.

Charlotte grieves over the body of her husband,
who just committed suicide.

Back in London, Charlotte learns
that she will inherit Lord Venneford's shares in the ranch.
But she must go back to Colorado to oversee its management.

Upon her return, Charlotte is greeted at the train depot
by Jim Lloyd, the ranch foreman.

Jim takes Charlotte on a tour to reacquaint her with the Venneford.

Charlotte has dinner with Jim Lloyd,
and finds herself attracted to the foreman.

Being back at the ranch, and in the company of Jim Lloyd,
lifted Charlotte's spirits.

Charlotte takes a drive through town,
which has been renamed "Centennial."

Charlotte is prepared to fight for Jim's love
when his old flame, Clemma Zendt, returns to town.

Having been successful in driving Clemma away for good,
Charlotte is more than ready to accept Jim's apologies for having strayed.

Just returned to the Venneford Ranch
as the newlywed Mrs. Charlotte Lloyd.

Charlotte brings Jim the news that John Skimmerhorn has been offered a new job:
the general manager of a new ranch run by their old trail boss, R.J. Poteet.
This will free up the position of the Venneford's general manager for Jim.
(Charlotte was behind the deal, of course.)
By the 1930's,
Charlotte has immersed herself into breeding champion bulls.
But her husband thinks she's ruining the stock
as each successive generation is smaller in size.
Charlotte takes up the cause of the Mexicans
living in poor conditions in Centennial,
and even goes to court to argue
against their treatment by the Sheriff.
Charlotte once again finds herself alone
after Jim Lloyd suffers a heart attack.

In her final years, Charlotte renews her purpose with the Venneford
by imparting all she knows about the husbandry and protection of the land
to her grandson, Paul Garrett.
"Only the land lives forever."
Rest in peace, Ms. Redgrave.


J.r. Klink said...

"Toby, That is a wonderful tribute,I found the mini series "Centennial" to be a faithful rendition of the Michener book. Lynn did an exceptional job."

Diane said...

Thank you for sharing this lovely tribute - Charlotte was one of my favorite characters in this story and Lynn Redgrave portrayed her spirt beautifully.

Toby O'B said...

Thanks for checking it out, Diane!

lucy said...

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