Saturday, May 15, 2010


Two more examples of "The Numbers" from 'Lost' popped up in the last week, although one of them was found through research into bad 80's TV......

First up, 'The Mentalist'......
In the episode "18-5-4"*, Patrick Jane found a locker key hidden away inside a cheap old chess piece locked away in a safe. According to the ID tag attached to it, it should have opened a locker numbered "42". (As it turned out, the numbers represented "4-2" - something along the lines of "four across, two down" or vice versa.)

Then, in the pilot episode of 'Misfits of Science', Gloria Dinallo was seen wearing the Misfits team jersey numbered "8".
I don't know whether you enjoy these references to one of the more intriguing bits of trivia from 'Lost', or you're just plain sick of anything to do with the show as it heads towards its final two episodes. But I gotta warn ya... I'm going to keep on posting examples of that numerical sequence as long as they pop up in Toobworld!

But don't worry - there'll be plenty of other mindless diversions which I'll be finding!


* All of the 'Mentalist' episodes have some sort of connection to the color red because of Patrick Jane's nemesis Red John - words like "crimson", "scarlet", "blood", incarnadine, rubies. In this case "18-5-4" is the numerical representation of the letters "R-E-D".

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