Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Clancy Brown is playing Hart Sterling in the new ABC legal drama, 'The Deep End'. Sterling is the boss at a very prestigious law firm which bears his name in Los Angeles. (In case you don't know who Clancy Brown is, he's the distinguished gray-haired gentleman standing third from the right above.)

So here's the Toobworld question of the day: Could Hart Sterling be related to Roger Sterling of the NYC ad agency Sterling-Cooper (and later, Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce) in the early 1960's, as seen in the AMC drama 'Mad Men'? (And for those who don't know John Slattery who plays Roger, he's standing on the far left in this picture below.) I think you can make a good argument for such a theory of relateeveety.

If Hart Sterling is basically the same age as Clancy Brown, then he was born in 1959. By that point in the Toobworld timeline, Roger Sterling was old enough to have sired several children out of wedlock with a long string of mistresses. But since we need only the one, that makes the odds better that he must have at least one illegitimate child.

Eventually we may meet Hart Sterling's parents in the course of the series. If so, not a stumbling block: We could propose that his father was a cousin to Roger; nothing says Roger ever has to mention the extended branches of the Sterling family tree.

Just another missing link heavily reliant on conjecture. It's all in a day's work for Toobworld Central.....


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