Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Speaking of theories of relateeveety.......

Back in December, Toobworld Central suggested that Senator Perrin of 'Dollhouse' might be the great-grandfather to whatever power for Perrin, the third wife of Ambassador Sarek.

Now we can look backwards along that family lineage as well..... In a Christmas episode of 'Branded', Julius Perrin was a Jewish immigrant to America who was living in the Old West town of New Hope. (This may have been the televersion beginnings for New Hope, in Smith County, Texas.)

Besides the prejudice held against him for being Jewish, the townspeople - led by Boss Martin Stoddard - also didn't take kindly to him housing orphans, especially a young Indian boy blamed for the shooting of Stoddard's son. It took the intervention of Jason McCord to get Stoddard to see the error of his ways and to make right what once went wrong. And it later came out that young Master Stoddard was the one responsible for his own shooting.....


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