Thursday, January 21, 2010


In February of last year, Inner Toob speculated about a DirecTV commercial with Dule Hill who appeared to be playing his character of Gus from 'Psych'.

We didn't make any speculation about who Alan Tudyk was supposed to be playing in the blipvert because the only TV character we really knew him for was Wash from 'Firefly', and that was set too far into the Future to be of any use.

But since we posted that article, he's shown up on 'Dollhouse' as one of the Big Bads for the series: Alpha, the homicidal maniac "doll" that went on a rampage and has yet to be caught.

It could be that he's appearing in the ad as Alpha, channelling one of his more benign personalities. And if so, Gus was lucky he only escaped that situation as a hostage......
Here's the ad in case you haven't seen it recently:


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