Sunday, November 29, 2009


During my semi-hiatus, Mary Travers of the Peter, Paul & Mary folk trio passed away. As a member of the League of Themselves, Mary Travers had a presence in Toobworld - which the PBS pledge drives will attest.

Keeping in mind that there never is an exact match when it comes to casting historical figures (Remember Richard Crenna as H. Ross Perot?), here is my choice to play Mary Travers should there ever be a TV movie about her life.....


Just sayin', is all.......



Barbara said...

Nice homage. I didn't know Mary Travers died. She played at The Ash Grove in L.A. (where I worked) in the late '50's & before that in SF when I was in school in Berkeley, and seemed to be a sweet and private person.

I don't think you got it right with Jennifer Coolidge. JC is fun, plays with the trampy look and lots of attitude. Nothing like Mary.

I found your post from a google alert about my book, WISHCRAFT. :-)

Toby O'B said...

Well, as an actress, I'm sure she can pull of a different persona.

Thanks for checking us out!