Sunday, November 29, 2009


As the Thanksgiving weekend winds down, it's time to take a look at a holiday-themed episode that debuted this past week....

"Slapsgiving 2" of 'How I Met Your Mother' was a sequel to the original "Slapsgiving". The best thing about that first one was the flashback depiction of Robin's "older" boyfriend - in Ted's mind, "Old Bob" looked like Orson Bean (who had the best line: "We's gonna get silly, bitches!") "Slapsgiving 2" gave Toobworld lots of new board games created by Lily's father Mickey Aldrin. My favorite one was "There's A Clown Demon Under My Bed", but the one that everyone will remember will be "Diseases". This game had a ticking gall bladder that finally exploded, leaving a goo (consisting of lead paint from China and horse bile) everywhere - especially on the turkey.....

And it's that turkey that was part of the episode's Zonk. At the very beginning of the episode, Marshall got out of the taxi while on his cell phone as he told Lily about how great the bird was - low cost, big yield, and organic to boot. And as he was talking , the taxi pulled away.

I was at first afraid this would be the crux of the episode and it seemed beneath the show's possibilities. However, it was quickly found by Robin and Ted who thought to check the Lost & Found at Port Authority and there it was in the fridge.

However, that could only happen in Toobworld. Taxis have nothing to do with Port Authority. If items are lost in Manhattan taxis, they're supposed to be turned in to one of two police precincts.

So that could be considered a Zonk, or it could be just chalked up to how things happen in the tele-version of NYC. But there could also be a splainin - in order to save not only Thanksgiving, but also their friend Marshall, Ted and Robin could have bought an identical turkey from the same source and passed it off as the original.

And in any lesser sitcom, that splainin would have been played up. But 'HIMYM' is better than that....


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