Monday, November 30, 2009


It could be that the Mexican village near the border of the United States that served as the base of operations for the attacks on US forts (as seen in the three-part 'Branded' episode "The Mission") could have been the same village where Dave Blasingame saw a local despot brought down by the peasants he was trying to control. This happened in an episode of 'The Westerner' which I had seen on TV Land once - back when TV Land actually showed some interesting TV classics. I'm not sure which episode it was, but I get the feeling it could have been "Ghost Of A Chance":

Dave has been promised $50 to deliver a message to a man's brother in a small, sleepy little village across the border in Mexico-- but when he arrives, he finds the whole town totally deserted.

"Ghost of a Chance": Dave and a Mexican woman free a terrorized town from bandits.

Hopefully someday I can track down that episode of 'The Westerner' so that I can do a screen captcha for comparison. In fact, now I'm in the mood to seek it out on bootleg DVD!


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