Monday, November 30, 2009


On the night before Thanksgiving, I found a little shout-out for myself as well as for my late Dad while watching 'The Late Show with David Letterman'.

At the end of his annual pie-guessing chat with his Mom back in Indianapolis, Dave held up the Pie Pool chart for 2009 to show who had the winning combination this year. (The pies baked by Dave's Mom were the usual pumpkin and a raspberry pie.)

Among those who entered in the competition was a "Tom O'B". In fact, he bought a chance on two squares.

My actual name is Thomas O'B, but I'm also Thomas O'B III in my family. Even before birth I was being called by the sound-out of my initials: TO'B... Toby. I've always preferred being known as Toby and would have legally changed it long ago, except that I hold my original name in trust and in memory of my Dad.

I'm pretty sure I haven't done a very good job in keeping it with honor.... Oh well. Anyhoo, all O'Briens are kin (Nuts to you, Hugh O'Brian!) so I'm claiming this particular Tom O'B as a cuz!


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