Sunday, August 9, 2009


I just emailed this to David Bianculli of "TV Worth Watching" (link to the left!) for his collection of TV in-jokes, so don't get any ideas! In "Mr. Monk's Favorite Show", Monk found a collection of discarded ballots from the "Silver Globe" awards for Best Supporting Actress In A Made For TV Movie.

One of the actresses listed was Christine Rapp, who was a character in that episode (played by Elizabeth Perkins). But as for the other names on the ballot, most of them have connections to the show as well.

Tara McSherry is a production assistant on the series, while Tyna Hurd is the production accountant. The only one I couldn't find any information about was Yasmine Marutyan; came up blank on her.

The last of the five names is interesting - Kendra Frank. I found no listing for her in the, but a Google search showed that "Kendra Frank" was a character in the episode where "Mr. Monk Goes To A Rock Concert". (She was a roadie and girl-friend for the murder victim.) If there is a real Kendra Frank, maybe she's connected to the writer or somebody else on the production team.......

So whoever Kendra Frank is in the real world, within the realm of Toobworld, Kendra Frank serves as an inner link between the two episodes of 'Monk'.

Most likely, the TV movie for which Kendra was nominated (and this is where I wish I had an HD TV set!) was probably the pinnacle of her success in front of the cameras. When her career began to fade, rather than giving up show business altogether, Kendra Frank got involved in the world of rock 'n' roll, becoming a roadie for the band Trafalgar. This is how she got romantically involved with the roadie known as Stork, the murder victim of that earlier 'Monk' episode.

See? Even the most minor of roles in TV have lives beyond their moments on screen....


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