Saturday, August 15, 2009


'Defying Gravity', which has been described online as 'Grey's Astronomy' and as '"Lost"... In Space', is proving to be a week by week viewing option for me. These next two weeks will determine whether or not I stick with it.

But the show has provided a new entry on the Toobworld timeline: at some point before September, 2052, (when 'Defying Gravity' begins), Roe v. Wade will be overturned and abortion will once again be illegal.

Long before 2052 gets here in the real world, I will have faked my own death and assumed a new identity in order to mask my immortality. In order that I won't be tracked down, I will have to sever my ties to the Toobworld concept and no longer toil as a televisiologist. So it won't matter to me if this proves to be a Zonk or not. Just as near-future speculation about the 'Star Trek' entries to the timeline will prove irrelevant, because there won't be a Toobworld Central by then.

For now, a future Toobworld in which abortion is illegal makes for interesting speculation about what might happen in the real world.....


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