Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Because I don't want to be TOO corrupted by outside opinions regarding Toobworld (I won't say no to some influence/inspiration!), I usually tend to stay away from most forums centered around particular TV shows. I'm a member at Outpost Gallifrey (a site dedicated to 'Doctor Who') for example, but it's been so long since I've visited that I don't think I even remember my password. (I do remember that my icon is of a Menoptera, however!)

But since I came back from vacation - during which I saw 'Star Trek' - I have been finding online discussions about various topics regarding the movie: like about the little alien Keenser, for example. And yesterday it was all about Gaila. You know her - she's that hot Orion cadet with the green skin whom Kirk almost gets to bed, except for the unexpected return of her roommate, Uhura. The last we see of her, Gaila turns to smile at Uhura as she finds out her posting before the big confrontation with Captain Nero and his ship, the Narada.

And that's where the discussion is focused concerning Gaila: to which ship was she posted? Can we determine from her smile what her fate was?

Some argue that she was smiling because she was posted to the Enterprise - considered the prize of the newest ships. (Some even say that even though Gaila and Uhura were roommates, that doesn't mean they were such good friends that they were above a bit of catty rivalry. Gaila's smile could have signified "I made the cut and you didn't." (At that point in the storyline, Uhura was still posted to the Farragut.)

Or it could be that Gaila was just happy to get a posting on any ship. Which means that if she was posted to any of the other starships, there's more than likely a chance that she was killed in those surprise attacks by the Narada as they jumped out of hyperspace - just as most of her graduating class of cadets were.

Starfleet lost a lot of its best and brightest that day, which is another reason why Kirk was promoted to his captaincy at such an early age, straight out of the Academy basically. But I would hate to think that Gaila was among the lost.

First of all, let's face it - she rates a "Homina Thrice" a la Ralph Kramden. This is one hot alien chick!

But also, I think she's deserving of being added to the cast for the next movie in this new, rebooted franchise. I'd hate to think that Admirals Abrams, Lindelof, Orci, and Kurtzman went to all this trouble to refresh the entire series just to have it be about the same old seven crew members - even if they are all portrayed by new actors.

Let's get some fresh blood on that bridge, besides the coppery fluid flowing through Spock's veins. And an added female presence can only help the dynamic to bring in more female viewers (who aren't already coming back because of the hot young actors attached to the project).

And with Rachel Nichols having played the role, I'm sure you're not going to get much argument from the guys in the audience either. So here's an open shout-out to JJ Abrams et al: bring back Gaila for the upcoming sequel and make her a regular member of this new Enterprise team!

There must be somebody out there who shares this opinion. And hopefully somebody else who can make sure the word reaches the producers......

Time to work the "wish-craft", as Tabitha Stephens would say!



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I agree, and then have kirk use her abilities as an orion girl in the next movie to either gain control over the enemy or something, that would be awsome.

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i agree!!! Have her character be developed more than just being a sex kitten.