Sunday, June 21, 2009


From Broadcasting & Cable's website:

"Kyle MacLachlan is interested in bringing back 'Twin Peaks' as five-minute webisodes. These would, as has been reported, not involve original co-creator/brilliant-though-certified wackadoo David Lynch, who is busy meditating and creating music. But the other brilliant mind behind it, Mark Frost, has to be out there somewhere. MacLachlan knows it’s a “crazy idea” but he wants to do it."

Maybe we could finally get an answer to the question: "How's Annie?"



Paul Brazill said...

Damn fine idea!

Brian Leonard said...

I want webisodes of "Twin Beaks".

Brent Fox said...

I would like to see a new Twin Peaks film or mini-series, but even 5 minute webisodes would be better than nothing. I would really like to see CBS/Paramount step up here. We are approaching the "25 Years Later" noted in Cooper's first vision from the Black Lodge. This is the perfect opportunity for CBS to devote a few dollars and a few nights to a TP mini-series event. They can showcase their recent aquisition of the TP franchise, and in the process stoke the sales of the Gold Collection, Season 1, & Season 2 DVDs. Then, afterward, release the mini-series as a DVD box set (with plenty of extras) and make even more money. I see this as an incredible opportunity for CBS to make some serious cash. Even those who jumped ship during the 2nd season would be interested in tuning in to see the resolution of this wild tale. I don't know if Lynch would be willing. But if Kyle and the rest of the gang would do it, I think Lynch could be lured in to rekindle that TP magic.

So I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that some Exec will read this and see the potential. Or perhaps Lynch will stumble across this and realize that we still love his wonderful creation, and that the devoted masses NEED more Twin Peaks. Am I just dreaming -- probably! But one can still hope.

Bottom-line note to CBS:
Twin Peaks mini-series = $ MONEY $
I'm ready to spend mine, just give me something to watch and buy.