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Time for a little Sunday schoolin'....

Skeptics think that a lot of the people depicted in the Bible are just characters. But that's not the case in Toobworld - so long as they are portrayed on TV, then they actually did exist.

In a recent essay I wrote about the origins of the Earth, I showed the picture of Noah from the mini-series about the Great Flood, "Noah's Ark". Noah was played by Jon Voight (and as Noah, he collected living things like his daughter Angelina Jolie does.)

Another person from the Old Testament is Joshua, who also had a presence on Earth Prime-Time:
'The Time Tunnel' ("The Walls Of Jericho")

Rhodes Reason

Here's the description of Tony and Doug's encounter with Joshua.

The travelers arrive outside of the tent of Joshua during the night, two days before the end of the Israelite siege of Jericho. Joshua comes to believe they are who they say they are–time travellers–and sends them to spy inside the city. Doug and Tony save a young virgin from being sacrificed to the Levantine deity Chemosh by the high priest of Jericho.

Doug is captured and sent to the dungeon to be tortured as an Israelite spy. Tony escapes into a house with an unlocked door. When the resident arrives, he calls her (Rahab) because, from the Biblical account, she is the one who sheltered the two Israelite spies. (Rahab is the sister of the almost-sacrificed virgin.)

After Tony rescues Doug from the dungeon, they take refuge on the roof of Rahab's house, but are betrayed by her servant lady, who desires the reward of 1,000 talents of silver. Doug escapes to tell Joshua the information that he seeks.

Tony and Rahab are about to be stoned to death, but when the Israelites complete their march, blow their trumpets and shout, the walls of the city fall down as what appears to be a tornado traces the destruction. Ann, a skeptic, decides that since a tornado is a natural phenomenon, that the fall of the walls was not a supernatural event, while Ray is convinced it was supernatural (perhaps because tornadoes are not known to strike in the Holy Lands).

The travellers are transported to a new era after telling Rahab she'll be safe.
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