Friday, May 15, 2009


Yes. That is a picture of a cream of mushroom soup can.

According to Mark Evanier in his "News From ME" blog (link to the left):

This, as anyone with an I.Q. higher than that of a cocker spaniel can tell you, is an ancient Internet tradition that few besides me carry on. The pic means that the proprietor of the website is too busy to post much of anything for a little while.

He says that Tradition holds that it should be a picture of a Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup can. However, I thought I'd give props to Heinz, if only because I'm still going to be posting over the next two weeks while I'm on vacation. But the difference is that all of my posts - each one as part of the "As Seen On TV" feature - have been automatically set up to publish daily.

I've made a vow to really cut down on the time I spend on the Internet this vacation up at "the Lake". Although it may be harder right now since I'm not sure the weather will be all that cooperative for being outside. And after getting sliced and snipped and having bits of me frozen at the dermatologist Monday because of all the time I spent in the sun up at the Lake in my errant youth, I'm not all that keen now to continue that tradition. (At least I didn't end up with "elf ears" like my Dad did when he got snipped!)

So hopefully you won't even notice I'm gone - if you ever noticed my presence here in the first place. (Groveling for pity here, folks! LOL) I have a feeling some of these pre-programmed "As Seen On TV" posts may end up looking a bit off, but I'll fix them when I get back.

By the way, the theme will be Presidents and their First Ladies (as welll as a few others) from the mini-series "Backstairs At The White House"......


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Have a nice vacation!