Wednesday, May 13, 2009


"So what do we do?
Hop in the car,
Drive down to the Bada Bing
Detective Kate Beckett

For Toobworld, this is a clear link to 'The Sopranos'. There was no mention of the TV show or that the Bada Bing strip club was fictional. Taken at face value, the 12th Precinct detective and the author of 26 best-sellers live in the same TV dimension as Tony Soprano and Big Pussy.

However, just a week ago or so, it was decided that 'Castle' had to be banished to the TV dimension of 'The West Wing', since the NYC Mayor in the series is a black man named Bobby. Mike Bloomberg is currently the mayor of New York in Toobworld, thanks to appearances on '30 Rock', 'Law & Order' and in a Muppets Christmas special.

I have no problem with 'The Sopranos' being relocated to that dimension as well, especially considering how many Zonks there were over the run of the series between mentions of 'The Rockford Files' and actual shows seen on Tony's big-screen high-def TV down in his entertainment room.

On the whole, I'd rather keep both 'The Sopranos' and 'Castle' in Earth Prime-Time, but sometimes tough decisions have to be made.


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