Tuesday, May 12, 2009


From BBC News:

Prolific screen and TV writer John Furia Jr, who penned shows including Bonanza, The Waltons and Hawaii Five-O has died aged 79.

Furia - a long time advocate for Hollywood writers - was once president of the Writers Guild of America West.

The organisation's current president, Patric M Verrone said confirmed his death in a statement.

"John's character and dignity touched and influenced generations of writers," he said.

"For those of us who relied on his knowledge and his counsel, John was more than an eminence grise, he was pure eminence."

Furia was also a founding chairman of University of Southern California's School of Cinema-Television Writing Division.

He also worked as a professor there teaching screen and TV writing.

Born in 1929, Furia started his career singing with dance bands in New York City.

He then moved to California where he worked for major studios and networks, earning himself a reputation as one of Hollywood's most productive dramatists.

My Mother's Secret Life (1984)

Hotel (1983)

"Hotel" (1983)

The Death of Ocean View Park (1979)

- The Apology (1979)

The Healers (1974)

"Kung Fu"
- An Eye for an Eye (1973)

"The Waltons"
- The Minstrel (1972)
- The Sinner (1972)

"Hawaii Five-O"
- Follow the White Brick Road (1972)

- There Was a Crooked Man (1971)

"Felony Squad"
- Debt of Fear (1967)

"The Monroes"
- Race for the Rainbow (1967)

"Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre"
- The Turncoat (1964)

- The Liberators (1964)
- A Camel to Ride (1963)

"The Twilight Zone"
- I Dream of Genie (1963)

- The Mountain Girl (1962)
- Springtime (1961)
- Silent Thunder (1960)
- Feet of Clay (1960)

"Dr. Kildare"
- Solomon's Choice (1962)
- Winter Harvest (1961)

"Zane Grey Theater"
- Honor Bright (1961)

"National Velvet" (1960)


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