Monday, April 13, 2009


Ten years ago, Rob Thomas, the creator of 'Veronica Mars', added his version of 'Cupid' to the Greek mythology of Toobworld. Under the name of Trevor Hale, the godling of Love was banished to Earth and stripped of his powers - with the punishment to be lifted once he united 100 couples. Stuck in Chicago, Trevor was watched over (and reluctantly assisted by) his psychiatrist, Dr. Claire Allen.

I don't think the show made it to a full dozen episodes, although it was met favorably by the critics; it just couldn't find its audience.

Ten years after, and Trevor Hale is back. Rob Thomas has once again been given the green light to give his concept another go. This time Cupid is in New York City and his psychiatrist/guardian is now Dr. Claire McCrae. For most other remakes of earlier TV shows, this version would have normally been tossed over into another dimension. But the Greek gods have the power to change their appearance, as we saw with Zeus in 'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys'. So recasting of the part isn't a problem.

And neither is the premise. We might assume that in the intervening decade, Cupd-Trevor wasn't succeeding at his mission in the Windy City, so he probably decided to cut his losses and begin again in the Big Apple.

Even though both of his psychiatrists are named "Claire", they are different women, so that recastaway is moot. In Chicago, Cupid were often assisted by a guy nicknamed "Champ". This time around, the demi-god has two others to give him a hand now and again - Felix and Lita.

I'd almost think that Rob Thomas wanted to hew close to his original concept, and yet make sure that both could be accepted as being about the same guy.

I wonder if he knows about the concept of Toobworld? Because we're comfortable with the idea that both shows exist in the same universe.

And in between gigs as Trevor Hale, Cupid hung out for awhile with his Mom, Aprhodite, at her company, 'Love, Inc.'......

Toby O'B

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