Thursday, April 16, 2009


This screen-shot from "Unleashed", Tuesday's episode of 'Fringe', can be considered a trifecta, chock-full of Toobity goodness. First off, there's the latest sighting of The Observer, the mysterious character on the show played by Michael Cerveris. He's somewhat like Uatu the Watcher from Marvel Comics in that he - and there may be more than one Observer - is always present in areas where the "Pattern" comes into play. And all he does is watch.....

And then the TV channel is "42", one of the numbers from that mystical sequence known from JJ Abrams' other show 'Lost'. (Although I prefer to think of 'Lost' as now the production of Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof.)

Finally, WNKW sure gets around in Toobworld, usually in New York. Over in an alternate TV dimension, it's a TV station to be found in 'Spin City'. For Earth Prime-Time, it can also be found in 'Pushing Daisies', 'Invasion', and 'Jack & Jill'.

I'm going to say that Charlie and his wife were watching a live remote from a NYC-based station on their satellite dish and hope for the best.

Toby O'B


Abby Spice said...

WNKW is also in The West Wing, as the radio station Leo puts on at the end of Process Stories, season 4, episode 8, to dance with Jordon. (I know this post is old, but someday someone else will be googling WNKW and this comment will pop up and help them.)

Toby O'B said...

Thanks for the assist, Abby!

Anonymous said...

WNKW spotted tonight on LAFF TV!

"Drew's Dance Party Special" episode of The Drew Carey Show