Saturday, April 18, 2009


My thumb was ready to either click "Play" or "Erase" on my DVR for the first episode of 'Harper's Island' today. It had been over a week since it aired and I had not yet seen it, and didn't know whether I really wanted to.

Well, I ended up watching it and I have to say, I admire the cujones for that fake-out at the end of the episode. Very Hitchcockian in style, so far as catching me off-guard due to star power.

So now I'm thinking I'm in it for the next eleven weeks, just to see them all go - as the little girl says in the blipvert: "One by one, one by one....."

I checked for the upcoming episodes and, much to my delight, there's a theme to the titles of each episode. I LOVE title themes! "First", "Affair", "Steele", "Brief", "Red", "The So-And-So Story", The Case Of...." and "The Night Of...."

But these had to be the most unusual yet:


It's almost as if they've been lifted from the Don Martin Glossary of Sound Effects!
I'm hoping before the run is over, there'll be a "Thwapt" and an "El Kabong".....

Toby O'B

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