Thursday, April 23, 2009


In "Home Is Where The Heart Stops", the latest 'Castle' episode, Richard Castle introduced Detective Kate Beckett to "the Mayor" at a charity event.

We knew Castle was a friend of the Mayor of New York City, but this certainly wasn't Mike Bloomberg. This Mayor was black and his name was Bobby.

Bloomberg is currently the NYC mayor, both in Toobworld as well as the real world. He's been seen in that function on 'Law & Order' and '30 Rock'.

So who was this other guy?

It's easy enough to disable this Zonk. There was no mention that Bobby was the Mayor of New York. His title was that of "Mayor", but he could have been the Mayor of some other city, maybe even one in a neighboring state. Nothing says such a person can't attend a charity function in Manhattan.

Of course, this splainin will only be good until the character shows up again and it's specifically mentioned that he's the Mayor of New York City. Then I'm afraid this entertaining romantic mystery show will have to be shipped off to another dimension. I suppose it'll fit nicely into the world of 'The West Wing'......

I just checked the IMDb listing for Joseph C. Phillips, the actor who played Mayor Bobby. He's going to show up again in the April 27th episode "Ghosts". So we'll see how long this splainin can last.....

Toby O'B

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