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No, that's not Dr. Manhattan from "The Watchmen" (but wouldn't it be cool if he did become a regular TV character?) That's the mold used to create a false face for "The Human Target".

Good news for fans of Mark Valley - such as my own self! - he's been signed to star in an adaptation of the comic book "The Human Target"
From Wikipedia:
"The Human Target" is an American comic book character created by Len Wein and Carmine Infantino: a unique private detective and bodyguard named Christopher Chance who operates by impersonating his clients in order to eliminate threats to his principal.
Chance's early appearances came in back-up stories in "Action Comics", a title much better known for featuring Superman tales published by DC Comics. Later, the feature appeared in Batman titles such as "The Brave and the Bold" and "Detective Comics".
Christopher Chance recently starred in an ongoing Human Target series written by Peter Milligan and published under DC's Vertigo imprint.

"Target," from WBTV, DC Comics and McG's Wonderland, is based on the DC Comics title and centers on Christopher Chance (Valley), a mysterious security freelancer who assumes the identities of those in danger, becoming the "human target" for his clients.

Valley’s character assumes the identity of individuals in danger, becoming a “human target” in place of his clients while he tries to discover why the person is being threatened, and by whom.

Created by Len Wein and Carmine Infantino in 1972, the character first saw life in the DC Universe alongside Batman and other “street level” detectives and private investigators. In more recent years, the character has moved to the Vertigo imprint where Christopher Chance was revived by writer Peter Milligan for an original graphic novel, a four issue miniseries, and an ongoing series that lasted 21 issues.

The new pilot (and hopeful series) will mark the second time the character has seen the small screen. Rick Springfield portrayed Chance in a short-lived 1992 television series.

So there's the catch: it's good news for fans of Mark Valley, but not for Toobworld. Since Rick Springfield starred in a short-lived TV series about the same subject, the "Human Target" of Springfield (actor, not the cities) claims the right to be the official one of the main Toobworld, Earth Prime-Time.
Actually, I'm okay with that. As my young cousin would say, "And I'll tell you why!" On my wish-list of actors I always wanted to see appear on 'The West Wing' was Mark Valley. I thought he'd have been perfect as a politico, a dream for marketing to the voters - even if it turned out he was aligned with the Republican party.

So I'm thinking that his version of "The Human Target" will need a TV dimension to call home; why not in the dimension of 'The West Wing'? As the Human Target aka Christopher Chance, Valley will be one of those non-super-powered superheroes whose exploits won't be getting any press, so it's not something that could have come to the notice of either the Bartlet or the Santos administration; and as such, the "reality" of that world can be preserved... if you want to believe the 'West Wing' dimension really exists.
But that's what's great about Toobworld - the things you can imagine might happen after the series is canceled. That's why I've also set 'Smallville' in the 'West Wing' dimension. Not only did their episodes leading up to a major election coincide, but with Kal-El spending his time "undercover" as young Clark Kent with no official debut of Superman yet, his activities flew under the radar for the Bartlet administration when both shows were on the air.

Now, if Clark ever does don the tights and cape, we won't need to see reaction from President Matt Santos.....

(Watch the producers of 'Smallville' screw it up for me by throwing in a scene with their version of the President in some future episode!)
Toby O'B

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