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Okay, this isn't a spoiler... unless of course it proves to be correct. This is just a theory I have about what may happen before 'Lost' has run its course......

The show's producers are racing to splain away a lot of the show's mysteries before it all comes to an end in 2010. One long-standing puzzle has been the identity of the two skeletons in the cave found in the episode "House Of The Rising Sun". According to Jack's analysis of the rags on them that had once been clothing, the bodies had been in that cave for probably fifty years at least. Since 'Lost' has whole-heartedly embraced the concept of time travel this season, I'm thinking that ultimately we'll find out that we already know who these two people had been when they were alive. And since they're male and female, it'll turn out to be someone we know as a couple, somehow thrust back into the past.

The assumption first goes to a coupling from the show's eternal triangle - Jack and Kate or Sawyer and Kate. But I'm thinking of another, more beloved, couple from the show; one of whom has not yet even been on the Island.

I think it's Desmond and Penny. In the episode "316", we learn that Ben has gone off to "fulfill a promise to an old friend" before joining the others for that Ajira flight, which leads us to believe that he's gone to kill Penny Widmore Hume, Desmond's wife, as he threatened to do when he confronted her father, Charles Widmore. And later, when we see Ben all bloody phoning Jack from a marina, we fear the worst.

But we don't know yet what happened.

I'm hoping that Ben failed in his mission; that he found Desmond far more protective than anticipated, and so Ben got the bleep kicked out of him.

But now Desmond is pissed and he feels the need to save the others who are going back to the Island with Ben. Penny, however, won't let him go alone - she lost him once to that Island for four years and she won't let that happen again.

So I'm thinking that they go to Ms. Hawking to get new course directions for reaching the Island and plan to sail to it on the Searcher, Penny's yacht. Of course, they'll have to take along their son Charlie (named for Charlie Pace and not for her father, most likely), who in the "present" day is about 3 years old.

When the Ajira flight passed through its set of coordinates, most of the Oceanic 6 found themselves back on the Island in the 1970's. With a new set of coordinates, I'm thinking that Desmond and Penny would end up on the Island at some other point in Time. And I'm thinking it'll be around 1937, the same year that Amelia Earhart vanished during her around the world tour. (Because of my earlier post about Julie Adams as Amelia in 'Lost', I've got the famed yet doomed aviatrix on my poor excuse for a mind.)

Here's why I picked that date - their son Charlie.

Trapped back in that Time on the Island, Desmond and Penny make the best of it in a "Swiss Family Robinson" way, raising their son and building a life for him centered on those caves. However, I think that eventually they'd be discovered by the "natives", perhaps Richard Alpert among them, and absorbed into the community like Cindy the stewardess and the two kids were years later. I think Charlie was raised among those people on the Island and came to think of them as HIS people. And something about that life hardened him, darkened his soul, certainly not the young man his parents would want him to become.

Could it be somehow involved with the death of his parents? Could it be that Penny and Desmond are those skeletons in the cave?

For some reason, I think Charlie took the name "Widmore" to be his new last name after the death of his parents.

That's right. I'm claiming that Charlie Hume - like they say in the song - is his own grandpa! This is why I think the Humes arrived on the Island at some point around the year 1937. Charles Widmore told Locke in the latest episode that they met in 1954 when Widmore was 17 years old. Because of the actor playing him, he looks a bit older. So although his life began - as far as the Island is concerned - in 1937, he was already three years old by that point. I think he was more like 20 when he met Locke and the other time-bouncers.

Like I said, this is only a theory, but what a kick in the head for a storyline, huh?

Toby O'B

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