Sunday, February 22, 2009


"I love it all:
'Star Trek', 'Star Wars', 'Buffy', 'Xena', 'Akira'.
I even watch 'Fringe'."

Colin Fisher, the EXTREMELY morose lab assistant on 'Bones' (whose father should be played by Harry Dean Stanton!), was talking about various examples of TV shows and movies that would be the purview of the crowds who attend the ImagiCon sci-fi conventions. And one of the shows was 'Fringe'.

A little synergy with that special mention, since 'Fringe' airs on the same network as 'Bones'. But problematic as well since both 'Bones' and 'Fringe' should be sharing the same dimension. The other shows/movies mentioned can be splained away - Stars 'Trek' and 'Wars' have been covered many times in the past here at Toobworld Central; 'Buffy' - as it stands as just that one word for a title - could be about anything else besides a vampire slayer (How a comely were-bunny?); 'Xena' we covered yesterday - a reference to an historical portrayal of the warrior princess, and in Toobworld that could be a movie not a TV show; and 'Akira' is in the Tooniverse so it's already nullified for live-action characters. (Although characters from that show could conceivably cross over into the main Toobworld. Bart and Lisa Simpson did it.)

Splainin away Fisher's mention of 'Fringe' isn't too difficult however. It's such a non-descript title that it doesn't have to mean it has anything to do with FBI Agent Olivia Dunham or Dr. Walter Bishop and his son Peter. It could still be about the fringe sciences (which I'm sure Dr. Temperance Brennan would scoff at!), and it could even be more of a documentary show on the order of 'In Search Of....' or 'Ghost Hunters'.

So no Zonk there, just barely.

Toby O'B

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