Sunday, February 22, 2009


February 22nd used to be celebrated in the United States as Washington's Birthday as a holiday, until they decided to combine his day with Lincoln's birthday (February 12th) and celebrate them together on some convenient Monday in February (the one between the two dates? Not sure.) as Presidents' Day. (I think Martin Van Buren was kvetching about being overlooked.)

(February 22nd is also my grandfather's birthday. I never knew him; he died before my parents even met. So I'm not clear on details like how old he would have been, but he'd have to be over one hundred years of age if he was still alive. But because he was born on this day, he was given "George" as a middle name; and as I'm the third to bear the name in full, it's mine as well.)

So for today's "As Seen On TV" we have George Washington as he looked in the 'Bewitched' episode "George Washington Zapped Here".
He was brought forth into the 20th Century by a magic spell cast by Esmerelda. And I said "forth" rather than "forward" because according to the plot, he wasn't plucked out of the Toobworld timeline but from a picture book. This is how we can splain away the fact he is a recastaway. (I'd have to check my files, but I don't think I've settled on an official portrait of George Washington for Toobworld yet. However, I think Barry Bostwick might end up being my choice .)

George Washington was played by Will Geer - seen here also in another colonial role, from 'The Young Rebels'.
And this "As Seen On TV" is going out to my cousin Marilee, who celebrated her wedding anniversary yesterday. She was the one who suggested the 'Bewitched' version of our first president.....

Toby O'B

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