Saturday, August 30, 2008


Catching up on the shows I taped while I was on vacation, I saw the second episode of 'Primeval' today. This is the one about the giant centipede down in the London Underground tunnels.

Afterwards, I checked out the notes and trivia to be found at the 'Primeval' pages in and found this:

In the opening scene, you see a Jubilee Line train stuck in a tunnel - the driver announces that it's because of a delay at Parsons Green. The Jubilee Line doesn't go to Parsons Green, no tube line does, it's part of the District line "metropolitan" network. Actually Parsons Green is on a section where the line runs at rooftop level.

That may be so in the Real World, but in Toobworld, this is the kind of deviation that can be accepted and not cause any serious continuity damage in connection with other TV shows.
The same situation came up during an episode of 'The Clubhouse' in which a subway was mentioned as going somewhere that it doesn't in the Trueniverse. At the time, Linda Stasi gave the show's producers grief for such an error, which I hope didn't mean that she thought the New York Empires baseball team actually existed!

Toby O'B

This picture is of the NY Empires basketball court on an episode of 'CSI:NY'. It's the Toobworld contention that both teams were owned by the same corporation.


Anonymous said...

I thought of you when I saw last night's broadcast of Primeval, with references to watching Battlestar Galatica and Blake's 7. Immediately, I could hear you working out the zonks--for the former, the show was the revamped version; for the latter, that must be the Sky TV remake recently announced (perhaps it airs early for them thanks to the time anomalies). Either way, I'm still waiting for a connection between Primeval and Torchwood to be established.


Toby said...

Write me directly. I can't find your email address here.