Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I got an anonymous comment (perhaps from Hugh?) regarding my piece on the country of Zemenia in last week's episode of 'Monk'. It ended with this:

You didn't mention that Jaime Gomez, who played Inspector Evan Cortez on "Nash Bridges," played a San Francisco Police Inspector named Sanchez. Maybe they're related like Pullman and Braithwaite?

("Pullman and Braithwaite" refers to a post I did on Sandra Pullman of 'New Tricks' and Alison Braithwaite of 'At Home With The Braithwaites', both of whom are portrayed by Amanda Redman.)

I'm not familiar with Jaime Gomez, so the connection eluded me. I did recognize John D'Aquino, however, whom I know best from 'Shades Of L.A.'. (In cases like this, I will now quote Brian Lane from the "Bank Robbery" episode of 'New Tricks': "Unlike the universe, my memory isn’t constantly expanding. I have to draw the line somewhere.")

But it's a great catch and a theory of "relateeveety" can easily be concocted to splain their resemblance to each other in "tele-Frisco" within the reality of Toobworld.

They're half-brothers.

Sanchez and Cortez share the same mother, but they have different fathers. It's the genetic contribution of their mother that held the dominant genes in determining their looks.

Whoever sent in that suggestion, my thanks!

Toby O'B


Andy said...


My name is Andy, and I made the post. I usually do "Anonymous" or "Name/URL" when I post comments on blogs. Anyway, I read through your post from time to time, and I thought I'd mention it with the Zemenia post comment. I really can't take credit for it, since some other people on the IMDb and USA Network message boards pointed it out.

Toby said...

Maybe they did, but this is a Toby-centric Universe and since you pointed it out to me, you get the credit!

Thanks, Andy!