Sunday, August 24, 2008


Just before I left for vacation, I caught an episode of 'Just Shoot Me' in which Jack Gallo was vying to get a higher placement on the Top 100 List in Magazine Publishing, to be featured in Manhattan Magazine. (Because of his wheeling and dealing, he ended up knocked off the list and replaced by his own photographer, Elliot DeMauro.)

Manhattan Magazine is not found only in 'Just Shoot Me' when it comes to Toobworld. The following series also featured the mag:

'My Sister Eileen'

'How To Marry A Millionaire'

and 'Studio One'. In their episode "The Laugh Maker", Art Carney played a writer for Manhattan Magazine who was sent out to Hollywood to profile a top TV comedian (played by Jackie Gleason).

So Manhattan Magazine can join the ranks of fictional TV publications that can link together enough shows to qualify for entry into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame. Among other magazines and newspapers would be Playpen, the NY Ledger, the L.A. Tribune, the L.A. Sun, and the National Inquisitor.

Toby O'Brien

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Anonymous said...

Good find Toby

After doing a quick search I was able to find at lest 3 other shows that mention Manhattan Magazine

On LIPSTICK JUNGLE Nico Reilly is discribed as being 6th on that magazines list, on the The Loretta Young Show it's editore was a love intrest of the main charicter, and acording to this site it was the publication for which Sarah Jane Smith was working when she first met the Doctor on 'Doctor Who'