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Because Donna Noble was forced to go back in Time and change a simple decision in the "Turn Left" episode of 'Doctor Who', she never met the Doctor. And so the events of the Christmas special "The Runaway Bride" were altered and a parallel universe was born. This would affect twenty-seven and 1/8th episodes of the series to follow. (I'm counting "Time-Crash", the vignette from the 'Children In Need' telethon.)

But only eight episodes were actually referred to in "Turn Left". Of those remaining, eight took place in the future and/or on another planet: Except for one episode, which would have an effect on two others - that means we don't have to account for how they would have turned out, because Donna was able to make a course correction for the Universe. (Shades of Desmond on 'Lost'!)

This leaves us with eleven 1/8th episodes, mostly set in the past, that were never addressed. They can be divided into two groups: those whose events could have been resolved (one way or the other) if they played out on their own with no outside interference, and those which should have had some major impact on the parallel universe that Donna created - unless somebody else stepped in to take over for the Doctor.

You KNOW that's going to be my favorite category to consider!

To begin with, here are the seven episodes which we don't have to discuss because they take place in the future and/or on another planet:



"Planet Of The Ood"

"The Doctor's Daughter"

"Silence In The Library"/"Forest Of The Dead"


"Utopia" is the episode that was excluded from this list because it has an impact on two other episodes which will be addressed in one of the other categories.

The only one of those listed above which I'm sorry we're not dealing with is "The Doctor's Daughter", because the future is now denied the vision of Jenny clad in olive drab......
With the next batch of daily Tiddlywinkydinks, I'm going to look at each group of episodes that were affected by the events in "Turn Left", saving the one about "The Outsiders" for last.

And since I still owe a Daily Tiddlywinkydink from a few weeks back, there'll be two of those today....

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