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So now we're going to look at those episodes of 'Doctor Who' which were set in the past and which should have had dire effects for the Earth if the Doctor was no longer alive to be the planet's guardian. (That premise was established in the episode "Turn Left".)

The world could have been - SHOULD have been! - destroyed several times over if the Doctor had not stepped in to save the day. So why did the basic set-up of daily life in London seem so normal for Donna Noble at the beginning of "Turn Left"?

Unlike the episodes which I looked at on Thursday, I don't think these four historical episodes (and two of the three suggested) could have been rectified on their own. The villains involved were all too powerful and should have wreaked havoc which would have made an impact to the present day.

So I think somebody else stepped in to take care of matters in each episode. And this being about Toobworld, I think those somebodies would be from other TV shows!

Today's selection is the first of the historical episodes in broadcast order which would have been affected had the Doctor died fighting the Racnoss Queen:

In 1599, three witches were set free by the words of William Shakespeare. Although they conformed to the traditional view of witches, in fact Lilith, Mother Doomfinger, and Mother Bloodtide were Carrionites from the planet Rexal 4. Carrionites used words to create scientific results that looked like magic to the unknowing.
Many ages before, the Eternals locked away Rexal 4 and its inhabitants in another dimension where they could bring no harm to the TV Universe. With the unwitting help of the Bard from Avon, the Carrionite witches hoped to break the dimensional seal and bring their sisters through the vortex. If they were successful, then "this fleeting Earth will perish!"
So after all that, without the Doctor around to stop them, why didn't the Carrionites succeed?

The Book of Exodus states: "Thou shall not suffer a witch to live." The native witches and warlocks of Toobworld may have had their own version of that quote: "Suffer not a rival witch to live."

With their highly attuned magical powers, the witches living in England at that time would surely have sensed the disturbance in the astral plane caused by the Carrionites trying to break through from their dimensional exile. The elders of the Witches' Council would have quickly divined the threat posed to their world, to witches and mortals alike, should these alien witches over-run the planet.

I think that by using their own magic, the Witches' Council would have quickly assembled all of their kind to fight this incursion of Carrionites. And through the use of their own magic, calling upon the energies of the Earth itself, the Terran witches were able to destroy the Carrionite invaders utterly so that they never would be a threat again to the world.

In this endeavor, I think the army of the Witches' Council also had the help of the angelic beings known as the Whitelighters, who served as the protectors for each witch. And those who gave the Whitelighters their power, the Elders, may have had a hand in the proceedings as well.
So who might have been instrumental in that battle against the Carrionites? Here are a few witches and warlocks I think might have been involved:

Dr. Bombay
Harley Partridge

[All pictured above]
Judge Bean

(Maurice is pictured here as he might have looked in 1599......)

Yes, even Samantha and her look-alike cousin Serena would be involved. They were certainly alive back then. The proof is in the episode when Samantha got amnesia and found herself back in the court of King Henry VIII, father of Queen Elizabeth I (who makes an appearance in "The Shakespeare Code"). It was stated that a witch could not travel back in Time farther than his or her own birth.

So she may have been just a little girl, but Samantha would have been able to take part in the battle to protect the Earth from their alien rivals.

O'Bviously they were successful and that's why there was no sign of Carrionite influence during the episode "Turn Left".


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Looking at the picture of Estelle Winwood as Hagatha, I can't help but wish Marty Feldman could have appeared in an episode of 'Bewitched' as her son.......

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