Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I made a note to myself to mark the occasion, and still I forgot to post about it. But anyhoo......


Diana Rigg turned 70 on Sunday. And although she has no time to waste on those of us who still love her as Mrs. Emma Peel in 'The Avengers' and seems to be dismissive of the medium of Television in general, still she was a defining icon for many of us coming into our own back when the show was on the air.

(Yeah, okay. Take that line for what you will.)

For some reason, however, I missed out on the whole 'Avengers' deal when it first aired in America. In my family, we didn't watch many shows on ABC; I don't know why. We seemed to be a strictly CBS family. And I think I had Scouts the night it aired as well. I only caught a few episodes whenever I could at a friends' house and was captivated by that leather jumpsuit. Let's face it - back then a guy's imagination was ruled by Emma Peel, Catwoman, and Jeannie. (Next tier would start with Judy Robinson.....)

But years later when 'The Avengers' was run on A&E, I drank it all in and felt like a teenager all over again. Emma Peel is definitely one of the best characters to ever inhabit Toobworld, definitely one to be found in my personal pantheon.

So, a belated happy birthday to Diana Rigg, and thank you!

Toby OB

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