Saturday, May 31, 2008


I got an email today from Sean Levin.....

Hey, I'm a big fan of your blog! Always nice to see your theories, especially!

Anyway, I found a possible link between 'Hawaii Five-O' and an earlier series called 'The F.B.I.'

While doing a character search on the IMDB, I came across the following:

Graham Carter
"Hawaii Five-O" (1968)
Played by Hank Brandt
Flash of Color, Flash of Death

"The F.B.I." (1965)
Played by Hank Brandt
Flight to Harbin

I checked the pages for both episodes. 'The F.B.I.' episode aired in 1965, and the 'Five-O' one in 1973, so it's probably not an intentional crossover between the shows. Still...same name, same actor. Wish I knew more about the role each played in the episode, so we could confirm or at least reasonably speculate that it's the same guy.

Thought you might find that interesting. Keep up the stellar work!

Thanks, Sean!

I looked into this, and the IMDb does list Brandt as playing "Graham Carter" in that sixth season episode of 'Hawaii Five-O'. However, I think we all know about the IMDb and how untrustworthy their info can be.....

So I consulted the Library of Toobworld Central and pulled out "Booking Hawaii Five-O (An Episode Guide And Critical History)" by Karen Rhodes. And he's not mentioned in the listing for that episode at all.

Of course, it could be Ms. Rhodes only listed those characters she thought were important; lesser characters may have been left by the wayside. But I've got a feeling somebody entered the wrong information at the IMDb. And a Google search of the terms "Hank Brandt" and "Hawaii Five-O" suggests that all the results were picked up from the IMDb.....

I'll keep this in mind however, Sean. So far, Netflix only has the first four seasons available of 'Hawaii Five-O', but once the Sixth is available I'll order up that particular episode and check it out.

I really appreciate that you alerted me to this possibility!

Toby OB

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