Saturday, May 31, 2008


Okay, maybe it's just me, but during the fourth season finale of 'Lost', did anybody else get an 'HHG2TG' vibe when Sayid came for Hurley at the mental institution? I did - at least after I felt reassured that Sayid wasn't going there to kill the big lug. (So much we thought we knew about these people had been turned on its head that I thought for a moment it was a possibility.)

Like Ford Prefect, Sayid showed up unexpectedly to offer Hurley a chance at safety by taking him somewhere else. And like Arthur Dent, Hurley left with his friend dressed in a bathrobe.
Okay. So maybe it is just me......

Toby OB

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the Cur family said...

Bathrobes and 42... Cue the banjo music!

LOST has been behaving rather like HHGTTG lately with time traveling bunnies and Whoop-ing islands...

and I mean that in a good way!