Friday, May 30, 2008


If you haven't seen last night's 4th season finale for 'Lost' yet, you're nuts. So just go away and come back later in the day for other entries here at Inner Toob!

My head is still not re-aligned from last night's mind-bleep! I actually jumped out of my chair at the viewing party I attended when Ben appeared behind Jack at the funeral parlor!

There's no way I can make this a coherent posting, so instead I'll share those thoughts I put out there at various blogs and web-sites this morning. As I have the sad duty of reporting several deaths that would affect Toobworld still to write, this will have to serve........

  • Locke will take over as the avatar for the Island, the "Jacob", replacing Christian Shepherd. After all, he'll be returning to the island in the same fashion as Christian first arrived..
  • I don't think it was Claire (who appeared in Kate's dream). It seems that the ghosts/Whisperers can appear to whomever they want (Charlie/Eko to Hurley, Libby to Michael, Christian to Jack etc); they actually manifest. But Claire had to appear in a dream, and with an American accent.

    She was probably something else that took the form of Claire to trick Kate into not going back with Aaron. Something working against the best interests of the Island. Only in assuming Claire's form, it messed up on the details - like the American accent. And it had to manifest in a dream not in "reality".
other version:
  • If Claire didn't have an (Australian) accent, maybe it's because someone/something else appeared to Kate in her dream to talk her out of going back to the Island, using Claire's form.

    It would seem the real ghosts/Whisperers can actually manifest themselves to certain people and would have no need to go the dream route.

  • As for Daniel Faraday, I think he and the 7 redshirts travelling with him were outside the sphere of influence for the island. Then Daniel has to track down the now-missing Desmond since he is his constant. And to do so, he allies himself with Ben, not realizing why Ben is looking for Desmond - to kill Penny.
  • Ben knew what would happen if he turned that wheel - so it had to have been done before. I think Widmore probably did it in the past, and he was banished as well for doing so and now wants to get back.

    That may be why Locke killed himself - he had to turn the wheel himself finally, and he couldn't live with the banishment.

  • I think Juliet and Sawyer will end up being those skeletons of Adam & Eve in the cave (if the island moved back in Time), and that Charlotte is their daughter. That's why she wanted to stay on the island - to get back to where she was born, and actually witness it all! (Although with her accent, maybe she's the daughter of Desmond and Penny!)
  • And I also think Faraday needs to find Desmond, who is his "Constant". And to do so, he makes an alliance with Ben - not knowing that Ben wants to find Desmond in order to bring him back to the Island and to kill Penny.

    My Charlotte theory boils down to this:

    The Island went back in Time.

    Sawyer & Juliet become "Adam & Eve" from the cave.

    Charlotte is their daughter and now grows up in the presence of her adult self.

  • If Ben eliminated Penny before she could become "Eve", that could mean Charlotte could cease to be!
  • I think Christian's message to Michael had several meanings:

    Your work here is done.
    You can fulfill your desire to die now.

    Those are two....

    And I think it was implied that Michael would have no place among the Whisperers/ghosts connected to the Island. He may have redeemed himself perhaps, but there was still a price to be paid in the afterlife and he wasn't going to find salvation with the Island in that regard.

    Christian was acting like a barkeep - I don't care where you go, but you can't stay here!

    Toby OB

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