Friday, April 11, 2008


For the second season of 'The Tudors', Peter O'Toole is calling on his rascally talents to bring Pope Paul III to life. This is another sign that the Showtime series is in the Evil Mirror Universe, because it was Pope Clement VII, Paul's predecessor, who dealt with King Henry VIII and his request for an annulment from his marriage to Catherine of Aragorn.

Using various stalling tactics, Clement VII hoped that his spies might bring him the proof he needed to rebuke Henry and his proposed new wife Anne Boleyn for being adulterous lovers. But he never got that proof, and because of his procrastination in the matter, Henry broke away from the Church and founded the Church of England.
Even without the beard, O'Toole looks more like Paul III than he does Clement VII......

Toby OB

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