Sunday, April 6, 2008


I wonder if the people who write obituaries ever notice the patterns that occur in the course of any given year when it comes to the famous people who died. Not just that old wives' tale about them dying in threes, but actual connections to others who also passed away during that same year.

I try to keep up to date on the celebituaries for Inner Toob, and I used to do quite a few Hat Squad tributes back in the day. So I read a lot but not as much as some others may, and yet I can see these themes every year.

And these are just a few I've noticed so far in 2008:

Jules Dassin
Malvin Wald
The director and screenwriter for the movie "The Naked City"

Richard Widmark
Abby Mann
The star and the screenwriter for "Judgement At Nuremberg"

And now....

Charlton Heston
Paul Scofield
Both played St. Sir Thomas More in "A Man For All Seasons"

Charlton Heston
Kirk Browning
Star and director of "Beauty And The Beast" an episode of 'The Shirley Temple Storybook'

Charlton Heston
Roy Scheider

Star and guest star of an episode of 'SeaQuest DSV'

Toby OB

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