Friday, April 11, 2008


Today is the first anniversary of my Little Buddy Sean's 27th birthday. Although for him, it was yesterday, as he's living over in Taiwan teaching English.

Sean's the father of my second god-daughter, Rhiannon (and of Eli and Calvin as well).

Calvin's birthday was the other day; Sean's brother Michael had his on Monday. Sean's wife Gosia celebrates hers on Tax Day.

Bunch of April Fools, if ya ask me!

Celebrating the first anniversary of his 27th birthday puts me in mind of Jack Benny, who was perpetually 39. Although the resemblance ends there. Jack built his stage persona around his miserly stinginess. I can't think of anyone more generous than Sean.

I'm not talking about money. Remember, he's a teacher; there is no money! Sean is generous in spirit, very open and giving, always there to listen even though he's got a bleepload of enough troubles of his own. I always say that if I ever wrote one of those "My Most Unforgettable Character" stories for the Reader's Digest, I'd choose Sean as the subject.

Well, anyway, it's his - it WAS his birthday and he's been partying all night. (It's after 2 AM there.) And how did he do that? By watching 'Lost', its second season ender.

Brings a tear to the eye......

Of course, then he got really drunk and noisy and bothersome and it made Anthony Fremont scowl.... He'll probably end up in the rice field.

Well, they are in Taiwan, after all........

Happy Birthday, Little Buddy!
Toby OB

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