Monday, March 3, 2008


My Little Buddy contacted me from Taiwan the other day, insisting I accept a file he wanted to send me. "It's the Eagles," said Sean. "You'll like it."

Well, I'm a take-or-leave-it kind of guy when it comes to the Eagles music, but I figured I'd amuse the kid and so I accepted the file. As it was downloading, he IM'd that the name of the song was "Journey Of The Sorceror". Sounded more like a Rick Wakeman number to my mind.

When the file finished, I played it. And the smile stretched from ear to ear.

I don't mind if someone knows something about TV before me, so long as I get clued in as well. And this was the first time I ever found out that the theme music for the radio and TV versions of 'The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy' was in fact, a song by the Eagles!

Here's what I found out in
a FAQ about Douglas Adams:

The title music (the Eagles' Journey of the Sorceror)

Here are notes from Simon Brett, original producer of the Hitchhiker's radio series, as recorded in footnotes at the end of episode 1 ("Fit the First") in The Original Hitchhiker Radio Scripts:

Simon remembers that right from the start Douglas knew exactly what he wanted. For instance, he spent some time looking for a signature tune which had to be electronic but which also had a banjo in it. Quite why he was so keen on a banjo is a bit of a mystery (he says he thought it would help give an "on the road, hitch-hiking feel" to the whole thing), but there is no doubt that the choice "Journey of the Sorcerer" from the Eagles album "One of These Nights" was inspired.

Interestingly, many of the people who wrote in asking what it was were surprised to find that they already had it. It just seemed to be one of those album tracks that nobody had noticed until it was taken out of context.

If you want to hear this song, try this link for a
YouTube "video" hosted by CrocMusic.

(As much as I love its use in the theme music, I'm really enjoying how "Journey Of The Sorceror" wraps up, beginning at about the 5:30 mark in the song. Them's good walkin'-about music, as I used to call the songs I'd have in my old Walkman.)
Thanks, Shoe Hand!
Toby OB

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the Cur family said...

Thanks Tube! Yeah, it is good walkabout music, and I like putting it on while I write.

I rushed to download the whole album, but didn't care for the other tracks! hah! But then, I'm the kind of guy who feels a Nirvava song isn't all that good till it's covered by Patti Smith (with banjos)...

Well, I agree with Adams on the banjos. It has this sort of "unstuck" sound that resonates through a piece of music, much like a muted trumpet, to my ears...

Well, I'm holding out for the long awaited (for me,anyway) Hitchhikers Guide/ Doctor Who crossover.