Sunday, March 2, 2008


I've been sharing this theory with a few of my favorite TV blogs, those that enjoy 'Torchwood' as much as I do......

I think Russell T. Davies may be setting us up for yet another spin-off from 'Doctor Who'.

As mentioned in the previous post, Dr. Martha Jones is currently appearing on 'Torchwood', and in the time between her arrival and when she left the Doctor in last season's finale of 'Doctor Who', she's been recruited into UNIT to serve as one of their medical officers.

I think we may be getting primed as an audience for a TV show about UNIT starring Freema Agyeman as Martha.

The traditional method is in place for the preparations. Martha left the original series, only to show up on one of the spin-offs. ('The Sarah Jane Adventures' is the other spin-off and Martha would be perfect for a guest spot. After all, Sarah Jane has worked closely with UNIT herself back in the day and still has her contacts there.)

On 'Torchwood', her character's backstory has been embellished so that now she has her degree, she's working with UNIT, and has a boyfriend who once saved her life. (I'm figuring that's Tom and he could be part of UNIT now as well.) So she's now more than just a former Companion, one who could stand alone from the Doctor to support her own show like Jack and Sarah Jane.

It's already been reported that she'll be back for the big season finale of the next 'Doctor Who' run, in a story teaming her up with Sarah Jane, Rose Tyler, and Donna Noble. After that? Could it be she could leave the show once again and this time go right into her own series where she's working with UNIT?

UNIT also has its own backstory and a rich history from which they could draw stories - recurring villains and aliens, guest stars from past 'Doctor Who' stories, and UNIT members we'd all love to see again. Although the Brigadier is retired, he could come back on a recurring basis as a consultant. There's Sgt. Benten (surely at least a Captain by now?) and perhaps even Captain Yates - reformed or not, depending on how they'd want to go with his character.

And those guest stars? How about crossovers with 'Torchwood', 'The Sarah Jane Adventures', and of course the mothership of the franchise. (Not sure the TARDIS, being a living creature, would appreciate being called a mothuh, Brothuh.....) Plus how about Jo Grant or Dr. Liz Shaw?

And at the center of it all would be Dr. Martha Jones, teamed up with this mysterious boyfriend she mentioned in "Reset".......

Not sure if the fan interest is high enough to support the series, but I'd certainly like to see it happen!

Make it so!

Oops.... wrong show.... Sorry about that, Chief.

Toby OB

Joe at "I Am A TV Junkie" (link to the left for the main site) was nice enough to trumpet my idea in
a post at his blog. Check it out for some cool videos about UNIT as well as a Martha Jones music video! Good stuff!


IAmATVJunkie said...

Re the mysterious boyfriend, I assumed she was talking about her out of reach crush on the Doctor, but I could be wrong.

Certainly Martha could have her pick of most of the UK's blokes, I might even chat her up (but just to find out if her brother is still with that girl).

MediumRob said...

Benton was a used car salesman by 1983 if you believe the Brigadier in Mawdryn Undead. And if you believe the spin-offs (in which case you'd have to believe those crummy New Adventures, too, I guess), Liz Shaw is currently the head of P.R.O.B.E.

Toby said...

The only spin-offs I take into account are the video/DVD off-shoots like 'Downtime'. The books, audio plays and comic books have their own universes.

Thanks, Rob. I would take the Brigadier's word regarding Benton, but who knows? If they did make a spinoff series, all they'd need would be a quick line of dialogue to have Benton re-up into UNIT.

MediumRob said...

P.R.O.B.E. was a series of video spin-offs put together by BBV, starring Caroline John and Louise Jameson, as well as Mark Gatiss. Bit more supernatural than sci-fi, they basically had Liz Shaw as the head of a UNIT-esque investigation unit. The character of Liz was licensed from the Beeb, so I think it's quasi-official. They were a bit pants though.

Stuart Ian Burns said...

Not forgetting the four part Big Finish UNIT series which featured the return of The Brig and David Tennant as one of his dodgy successors. Good solid entertainment.